Car Accident Attorney Louisville Ky

Car Accident Attorney Louisville Ky

Winton & Hiestand Law Group is a leading car accident attorney in Louisville, KY with an unmatchable track record in winning trials. Our areas of expertise include premises liability, wrongful death and auto, and semi injury death cases.

How much will I get for pain and suffering?

When you make an injury claim, the compensation paid by your defendant's insurance company generally includes the expenses incurred by you for medical expenses, lost wages and a certain sum of money for 'pain and suffering' you endure. Claims are calculated using two standard formulas; first is the multiplier method. In this method, the total of medical bills, loss of wages, and 'pain and suffering' amounts are multiplied by 3 to reach a damages amount.

The other one is the per diem method. This method helps to calculate the pain and suffering fragment of a personal injury claim. In this method, you choose a certain amount of money based on a legit reason and multiply the preferred amount by the number of days that you suffer from injury after the accident.

How much should I ask for a personal injury settlement?

When you file for damages in the court, you must present a demand letter. In the last paragraph of your letter, you must state a specific amount that you appeal as compensation for your lost income, medical bills, pain, suffering, and other losses. As a pre-eminent car accident attorney in Louisville, KY, we proceed by requesting an amount on behalf of our client that is 75 - 100% higher than the amount that they actually spend.

However, you cannot quote an egregious figure, because the jury, judge, and the defendant’s insurer will know that it is an unfit number and the adjuster will come back with an equally low number. Quoting a believable number in your letter can get the case started in the right direction.

Remember to clearly asseverate in your letter your strong arguments for the amount you claim and reasons that support it such as dangerous behavior displayed by the driver at-fault, pain and suffering involved, the treatments underwent, recovery period, permanent injuries if any, etc.

Bodily injury liability insurance

Bodily injury liability is insurance coverage that is a mandate in most states. If you injure someone in a car accident, this coverage will help you to pay for damages they endure in medical bills, pain, suffering, loss of wages, loss of property, etc. This coverage also includes the attorney fee that you will have to pay to your attorney in the event you getting sued by the injured.

Bodily injury liability coverage has two components: per-person limit and per-accident limit. However, if the injured appeals for a damages amount exceeding your physical injury liability coverage limit, you will have to pay out of pocket for the exceeding sum. Winton & Hiestand Law Group can help you get fair compensation for your injuries. Get in touch with the #1 car accident attorney in Louisville, KY, today.

Car Accident Attorney Louisville Ky
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Car Accident Attorney Louisville Ky