Car Accident Lawyer Louisville Ky

Car Accident Lawyer Louisville Ky

If you have been through an auto or truck accident due to negligent or wrongful actions by others, you need to contact a car accident lawyer in Louisville, KY. Our lawyers here at the Winton & Hiestand Law Group will be working to secure the maximum compensation for your pain and suffering.

Types of car accidents we can help you with

There are several types of accidents for which you are entitled to receive compensation for your injuries:

You can also receive damages if the driver who caused the accident was distracted by the use of modern technology devices, such as smartphones. The services of a lawyer could make the difference between a lost case and a successful one. To receive the compensation you deserve, contact us today for assessment, case introduction, and preparation!

What does a car accident lawyer do?

First of all, your dedicated car accident lawyer in Louisville, KY, will examine all the facts. Our professionals possess the know-how and experience you need for dealing with every situation imaginable. In case of a hit and run accident, we can help you locate and identify the responsible driver and claim damages.

In cases of pedestrian accidents, it is obvious the injuries can be quite severe, causing not just physical, but also emotional and financial distress. An experienced lawyer will make sure you receive the proper compensation while you concentrate on recovery. Our experts guarantee the optimal outcome, no matter the case you're dealing with.

You must hire an attorney for a car accident

There are multiple reasons why you should do this. First of all, the insurance company may not be on your side like you think they are and, unfortunately, they might take advantage of the stress you are facing.

In many cases, proving liability can be difficult. The settlement options can be confusing, and you may not understand all of the damages you’re entitled to. Not hiring an attorney could result in financial loss if you are not aware of the time limits for bringing a lawsuit or you don’t follow the exact steps required by the law in your area.

Compensations for car accidents

As a victim of a car accident, your lawyer will see to it that you receive damages for the pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage you are owed by those responsible.

Once you’ve secured the services of a car accident lawyer in Louisville, KY, the first thing they will do is help you recover damages for lost wages through PIP (Personal Injury Protection), which covers the first $10,000 of your medical bills or lost wages. With 40 years of legal experience, our firm has recovered close to $50 million in damages for our clients.

Contact us, at Winton Hiestand Law Group, and we’ll evaluate the strength of your case at your initial free consultation.

Car Accident Lawyer Louisville Ky
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Car Accident Lawyer Louisville Ky