Car Wreck Attorney Louisville

Car Wreck Attorney Louisville

Have you been in a car accident? Are you suffering side effects from a wreck that deserves compensation above and beyond what you received? Look no further than Winton & Hiestand Law Group. We get our clients the settlement they deserve. Contact us today for the top car wreck attorney in Louisville.

What are the residual effects of a car accident?

Even though a car accident is over in a matter of seconds, the effects last years, perhaps even a lifetime. Soft tissue injuries are common in a car accident, specifically after rear-end collisions. That kind of damage is difficult to diagnosis and notoriously hard to treat. Aches and pains resulting from these injuries can linger for years. If you suffered broken bones, they can continue to ache and can require additional repairs.

A car accident can bring other, more severe, consequences to an individual(s). There is the risk of brain injuries, paralysis, burns, etc. which require lifelong care and additional surgeries and rehabilitation. Severe injuries of this nature require modifications to the person’s home to accommodate their new lifestyle.

How to recover after a car wreck?

Recovery after an accident is never easy. For those lucky enough to recover at home, they can experience lingering headaches and body pain. Some individuals suffer from fatigue. An individual may experience signs of PTSD after an accident. These lingering issues can take weeks, months, or even years to go away. Some patients never experience a 100% recovery.

Individuals who suffer injuries may need a variety of therapies to regain skills they lost. A physical therapist helps your body re-learn how to do skills such as walking and other activities of that nature. Occupational therapists help you re-learn everyday skills, such as tying your shoes. A brain injury patient participates in recreational therapy. The path is not easy, but there are specialists available to help. Even if life doesn’t return to 100%, there are options for improving your quality of life.

Individuals and their families need to ensure that they and their loved ones receive proper care after an accident. To procure that care, sometimes you need a lawyer. Research firms and their success rates. Ask for referrals from friends if necessary. Our highly regarded car wreck attorney in Louisville can assist you with the process.

Steps to take after a car accident

Should you become involved with a car wreck, take the following steps:

Don’t wait another day! Contact us a Winton & Hiestand Law Group. We are the top car wreck attorney in Louisville, and we will get you the settlement you need for your care.

Car Wreck Attorney Louisville
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Car Wreck Attorney Louisville