Injury Lawyer Louisville

Injury Lawyer Louisville

After getting injured in a motor vehicle accident without being your fault, you will have to take some actions in seeking compensation from the at-fault party. Winton & Hiestand Law Group will assist you when dealing with yours and with the other party’s insurance companies for a swift resolution of your claims.

Should I hire a personal injury lawyer in Louisville?

You must begin seeking professional assistance from an attorney if the injury you've suffered in the accident lasts more than several days or requires dedicated medical care. We advise you to hire a lawyer for any claim of hospitalization, physical therapy, surgery, rehabilitation, or any other medical care involving substantial medical expenses.

When dealing with the insurance companies, you must remember that they want only to reduce their losses and not to provide you the medical care you need. Hiring an injury lawyer in Louisville is the most important decision you will take in obtaining the compensation you deserve. Before making a decision, you may want to ask the attorney several questions:

Filing a personal injury lawsuit

We are settling most of the accident injury cases before a trial, but sometimes it helps to file a lawsuit just to keep the rolls moving. We will start the process by writing down everything that happened, keeping a log of all the events, including phone calls, or meetings. The earlier we start doing this, the better will be, since the events are still fresh on your mind.

The moment you had an accident, you should also start collecting evidence by taking photos and keeping copies of all medical records. A good idea would be to get the contact details of the witnesses if somebody saw your accident.

You must also do your homework and to find out if the insurance policy covers your injuries. In this stage, you may want to speak with an injury lawyer in Louisville to examine your documents and to give professional advice.

How does a personal injury lawyer work?

Your attorney will gather evidence of the injuries caused by the negligent acts of others and will handle the insurance companies for you. He will also advise on the type of compensation that you can get, and he will do a thorough screening and follow up of your claims.

On your behalf, Winton & Hiestand Law Group will send the demand letters and will prepare the pleadings. If the insurance is delaying your settlement, we will represent you in court to ensure a fair and fast resolution of your case.

Injury Lawyer Louisville
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Injury Lawyer Louisville