Louisville Auto Accident Lawyer

Louisville Auto Accident Lawyer

Winton & Hiestand Law Group is a top-rated legal firm, and their area of expertise include auto and semi injury/ death cases, premises liability, wrongful death, dram shop & social host liability cases. Our Louisville auto accident lawyer is highly efficient and experienced to help you win your rightful compensation.

Do personal injury cases need a trial?

Many personal injury cases don't require a trial, as the parties involved will settle them outside the court. There are two directions that a personal injury case can take. One route is when the defendant's insurance company offer a settlement amount, and the injured accepts it, and all of this happens outside of court or the other route where the plaintiff goes to the court to collect his rightful compensation.

Usually, the defendant or his insurer make an offer to the plaintiff before he decides to file a lawsuit this is because trials involve a lot of risk and stress for insurance companies. Hence, they always try to find a way to make settlements outside of court.

The average settlement for a personal injury

The agreement for damages in a personal injury case can range anywhere between $3,000 and $75,000 based on the types of damages endured by the plaintiff. Although there are a lot of injured parties that have lost in court and received no damages for injuries, our Louisville auto accident lawyer can make sure that you don't get tricked by the huge insurance companies in court by building a strong case in your favor.

Those who pursue personal injury cases walk out with three times more compensation than those who fight for their claim on their own. Despite the fee charged by a personal injury lawyer, the amount that the plaintiff gets to take home is still higher than what unrepresented plaintiffs receive as compensation in an injury case.

Pain and Suffering Damages

All non-monetary but physical and mental agony suffered by the injured in an accident such as a fractured skull, a handicapped body part, depression, anxiety disorders, restrained mobility, loss of a loved one's life, scarring, etc. are all examples of pain and suffering in a personal injury case. It is essentially the cost paid by the defendant or his insurer to the plaintiff for making him experience certain things which he wouldn't have if there weren't an accident in the first place.

Although all damage settlements pay for medical bills and loss of wages as general and special damages, the remuneration for the pain and suffering is beyond that, as this reimbursement is to compensate the person for suffering from a restrained living for the remaining of this life due to the loss of a limb or medical condition etc. The chances of winning a favorable judgment for pain and suffering damages is by presenting your case to the judge and jury in a manner that they understand the pain endured by you.

Your search for the best Louisville auto accident lawyer ends here. Contact Winton & Hiestand Law Group today to help you win well-deserved compensation for your losses.

Louisville Auto Accident Lawyer
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Louisville Auto Accident Lawyer